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About us

We are the Italian association of Data Center builders and operators, born from the partnership between Microsoft, Equinix, Rai Way, Data4, STACK Infrastructure, Digital Realty, Vantage Data Centers and CBRE Data Centers, which aims to bring together all the players in the ecosystem in Italy. The most relevant companies in the sector, together, in building a common space to represent and ensure the promotion of Data Centers as a pillar for the digital economy.


  • Recognize and develop a strong and efficient data center industry in Italy
  • Strengthen Italy as a location for the development and presence of Data Centers
  • Facilitate streamlined processes for building and operating data centers
  • Promote energy efficiency and social and environmental sustainability
  • Develop professionalism and skills in the Sector

The establishment of IDA fits into a market context in which the role of Data Centers has risen to an unprecedented level of importance and growth. Indeed, the Digital Transformation challenge facing Italian businesses today has turned the spotlight on the IT infrastructure behind every online operation, highlighting how Data Centers are the true foundation of the digital economy.

IDA was founded with the intention of bringing together the most relevant companies in the sector to build a common space from which to work for the recognition and development of a strong and efficient Data Center industry in Italy. The association aims to deploy all the necessary efforts to help make Italy the ideal location, not only at the European level but also globally, where to strengthen the presence of Data Centers.

Emmanuel Becker
President of iDA

Today there is no business without digital. Strengthened by this conviction, we decided to create an association that would contribute in a decisive way to the digitalization of the country. What we have done is to form, with the main entities active in the datacenter field in Italy, a united front to foster the nation's economic growth. We have an important mission, which is precisely to accelerate the digital development of the Italian territory through an increasing presence of datacenters.

IDA members