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Investment in the sector requires economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable growth.
Data centers are important to the digital economy and contribute to environmental sustainability, and although perceived as highly energy intensive, many are designed to be efficient from an energy point of view.
Environmental sustainability is a priority for industry experts and planners, but the lack of specific data center legislation is an obstacle to developing effective sustainability policies.
Sustainable digitization can help achieve Europe’s climate goals, as the EU’s Green Deal requires all data centers to become carbon neutral by 2030.

Permessistica - IDA-Italian Datacenter Association

Working group’s purpose:

  • Promote energy efficiency and environmental, social and economic sustainability
  • Information exchange between data center operators and institutions
  • Raising awareness of supportive policies for retrofitting aging facilities
  • Development of guidelines for sustainable data center construction and operation in alignment with EUDCA


Mattia Mariani Deerns Italia
Mattia Mariani
Job title:
Operations Director Building
Performance Group
Deerns Italia SpA
Alessandro Caramia IDA
Alessandro Caramia
Job title:
DCF & Critical Power BD Director
Huawei Digital Power
Sacha Busetti IDA
Sacha Busetti
Job title:
Head of MCI & CTO
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