Data Centre Talent

IDA and DCD>Academy  created the Data Centre Talent scholarship to address the critical lack of qualified professionals in the data centre sector. Italy and in particular Milan are poised to become one of the main digital hubs in Southern Europe. This means collaborating with all the players in the digital economy value chain to create a united ecosystem, bringing positive effects in terms of job creation, economic growth, investment, innovation and a wider range of digital services for the country. IDA’s partnership with DCD Academy, the provider par excellence of training for the Data Centre industry, fits into this scenario to offer training opportunities to the talents who will work in this sector. IDA and DCD>Academy aim to prepare young talents to succeed in the data centre industry.


Aspiring data centre professionals with residence in Italy who are recent graduates in Industrial, Electromechanical and Manufacturing Engineering or are in their final year. Those enrolled in the final year of the Istituti Tecnici Superiori (ITS) can also apply for the scholarship. WHAT IS INCLUDED? The programme includes:
  • 20 scholarships to complete The Business of Data Centers course (E-Learning -8 hours in English)
  • 8 scholarships to attend the Data Centre Design Awareness DCDA course (21 hours in Italian in presence with instructor)

What does the scholarship consist of?

The Business of
Data Centers has been designed specifically for non-technical people to understand what many consider to be a highly technical industry. Topics covered include: why data centers exist, what is data, IT hardware, how does the cloud work, latency and edge computing, evolution of the data center industry, types of data centers, data center subsystems, data center energy efficiency, energy and sustainability, building a data center, data center location and market evolution.

Data Center Technician - Facilities Managment (DCT)

The DCT credential is aimed at both electrical and mechanical engineers in data centers, as well as individuals looking to start a new career. Earning this credential will demonstrate to employers that you have a thorough understanding of the concepts that underpin the discipline of mission-critical operations and that you are aware of all major design considerations. To earn the DCT® credential, students must complete the required 16 e-learning modules/approximately 56 hours of learning.

Data Center Design Awareness (DCDA)

The course covers the basic principles of data center design, tracing its history, and includes modules on the main subsystems of a mission-critical facility and their interdependencies, including power, cooling, processing and networking.


Students will learn to apply best practice recommendations on site selection, building design requirements (including level of flexibility) and space requirements, as well as a good understanding of the relevant standards, regulations, definitions and parameters that apply to the data center sector.


The Data Center Talent Scholarship is aimed at aspiring data center professionals based in Italy who are in their final year of university or recent graduates in industrial, electromechanical or manufacturing engineering.   The application period will open during the first quarter of 2024. The candidate must submit the scholarship application form and all supporting documents:
  • Application Form
  • Academic CV
  • Letter of recommendation from tutor or professor
  • Presentation essay



The application period will be open from Q1 2024.


The applicant must submit the scholarship application form and all supporting documents (reference letter, cv and academic results, presentation essay)


Applications will be reviewed in an evaluation process by the scholarship selection committee.


The selection committee is made up of delegates from DCD>Academy, IDA and management figures in the data centre who will host the internships.


The selection committee will inform applicants of the status of their application within approximately 30 days from the date of receipt of the application.

Successful applicants will receive a scholarship to begin their training activities.


For more information about the Data Center Talent scholarship and the requirements, download the application guide here.

If you have any questions about the Data Center Talent Scholarship, please contact indicating in the first communication that you are referring to the IDA Data Center Talent Scholarship.

Application for the Data Center Talent Scholarship