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Access & Energy cost

Data centers are becoming one of the largest consumers of energy. Access to predominantly renewable energy with high powers quickly and in guaranteed redundancy schemes in both Medium and High Voltage, is a key factor to support the development of Italy’s Datacenter sector. At the same time, renewable-related Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) are currently limited to a few member states and large enterprises, and there is a need to open them up to a wider audience as the supply of “clean” energy increases in response to growing demand.

Accesso e costo energia - IDA-Italian Datacenter Association

Purpose of the working group:

  • Promote a quick and easy process to connect data centers to the electric grid
  • Establish collaboration with the RTN and energy distributors in Italy
  • Promote the development and use of renewables and alternatives
  • Promote PPA access to a larger audience
  • Foster better consumer empowerment and protection
  • Work closely with EUDCA and the European Community


Lorenzo Rossi - Head of Commercial Italy STACK EMEA
Lorenzo Rossi
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Head of Commercial Italy
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