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Code of Conduct

The Italian Data Centers Association (IDA) brings together manufacturers, operators and other stakeholders who are market leaders in the Data Centers world with the aim of representing their economic, legal, commercial and technical interests with the public, companies, institutions, legislation and government at Italian and international level.

A good image, reliability and trust are important prerequisites for a professional and successful Data Centre in this sector, which is why IDA attaches great importance to maintaining and strengthening the reputation and integrity of participating companies.

In carrying out its activities, the Association imprints its conduct on respect for the rules of competition, as an indispensable element for the proper development and functioning of the Sector. To this end, the Association adopts the necessary tools and measures to prevent the emergence of competition problems, including specific rules of conduct formalising and recalling the Association’s commitment to operate in compliance with such rules.

IDA participants therefore subscribe to the following Code of Conduct:

IDA participants must conduct their activities with integrity, transparency and honesty and with respect for the interests of customers, employees, the industry and society.

IDA participants recognise their social and economic responsibility to ensure security and trust.

IDA participants recognise their social responsibility for responsible energy use, energy efficiency and sustainable business practices. Participants must constantly and actively promote efficiency and innovation in their data centres.

IDA participants have a policy of maintaining and continuously improving the knowledge and skills of their employees, facilitating their training and certification.

IDA participants contribute to ensuring knowledge and experience in the field by actively collaborating with institutions.

IDA participants shall respect each other’s reasonable interests without restricting competition and act in accordance with competition laws.

The Association and its Board of Directors cannot be held liable for any damage to reputation or consequential damage that the participant suffers as a result of participating in the IDA.
The liability of the Association, for any reason whatsoever, including in any case breach of contract and tortious acts, is limited to one times the annual membership fee actually paid.

IDA participants declare their participation and compliance with this document.

IDA participants are customer-oriented, proactive and only offer services in which they are interested and for which they are sufficiently qualified.

IDA participants undertake to implement policies to ensure the availability and continuity of their services and to protect the information entrusted to them against unauthorised access.

IDA participants follow and respect the applicable Italian and European laws and regulations.

Failure to comply with this Code of Conduct and/or any other internal rules will result in expulsion from the Association and revocation of membership.

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