Permessistica IDA - Italian Datacenter Association


The speed with which the country’s digitization is evolving requires certain processes and timeframes for the construction, startup and operation of data centers. The current regulatory framework does not cover Data Centers as a specific type of construction (unlike, for example, Logistics). This is why there is a need to clearly define the relevant regulations and technical guidelines. Moreover, due to the strong growth of the sector and the number and concentration of Data Centers in certain areas (e.g., the Po Valley), the projects are increasingly the focus of social and environmental attention.

Permessistica - IDA-Italian Datacenter Association

Purpose of the working group:

  • Promote clarity through joint working tables with relevant agencies aimed at filling any gaps in regulations and reference guidelines
  • Encourage a more conscious bureaucracy to support the timely issuance of permits
  • Implement strategy for communication and collaboration with local and national agencies and authorities


Davide Giovenzana IDA
Davide Giovenzana
Job title:
Construction Management Director,
EMEA South, xScale – Equinix
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