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The Association aims to become the reference point for the Data Centre sector, acting as spokesperson at public and institutional level for the needs of its member companies, helping to promote the development and presence of the sector in the country.

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IDA represents the industry in front of the institutions

  • Promoting the recognition of the industry, strengthening our country as a location for Data Center development and presence;
  • Representing the interests of the Sector nationally and internationally;
  • Raising the awareness of stakeholders – such as institutions, media and society – to express the Sector’s view on legislative issues and regulatory policies;
  • Monitoring the market dynamics, image, economic importance and added value that the Data Center industry generates in Italy, in the short and long term.
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IDA supports the collaboration and development of the Associated Members

  • Promoting energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and occupational safety of Data Centers;
  • Constantly updating Associates on all developments in the Sector, particularly on technology and market trends;
  • Fostering more streamlined processes for the construction and operation of new Data Centers, initiating and implementing research projects;
  • Developing professionalism and expertise in the Industry and representing the interests of all members.
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IDA informs users and public opinion

  • Promoting initiatives to make the Data Center Sector known to the public, supporting the development of the supply chain and related industries of the Sector;
  • Representing the Sector in dealings with fair/exhibition organizers, associations and social actors;
  • Cooperating with all industry associations and organizations;
  • Working with educational/academic institutions to train specialized personnel in the field;
  • Promoting gender inclusion and diversity in the Sector at every organizational level.
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