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Why are Data Centers important

Data centers play an increasingly central and decisive role in the evolution of society and the economy around the world, which are now irreversibly based on technologies, digital architectures and software that seamlessly acquire, produce, exchange and process information in real time.

perché sono importanti

Today, data centers represent one of the key pillars of the digital infrastructure that, during the pandemic period, have been subjected to unprecedented stress, given the boom in demand for digital content.

In fact, they have been recognized by the Italian government as ‘critical infrastructures,’ on which the lives of those connected to them depend in a state of alert, on par with electricity or water services.

A data center becomes essential in the day to day of society. Thanks to data centers, it is possible to run applications as common as instant messaging or view content from streaming platforms. Data centers are also essential for sending, storing and interconnecting information from companies, the Public Administration, hospitals or banking entities. If a data center were to stop working, therefore, it would imply that traffic lights, our email or ATMs would not work.

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In summary, as the demand for Cloud services continues to grow, relied upon by service providers of various types, from e-commerce to sharing platforms, hyper-secure, connected and efficient next-generation data centers have become indispensable to support enterprises in expanding their operations under Digital Transformation.

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