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Industry Recognition

Increasing transparency and improving the perception of the data center industry. Having a thriving and fast-growing industry needs public and institutional recognition. The entire data center industry needs to be promoted on multiple fronts to ensure its efficient development.
Riconoscimento del settore IDA - Italian Datacenter Association

Purpose of the working group:

  • Promotion of the industry, its image and development
  • Raising society’s awareness of the data centers importance
  • Search for cooperation opportunities
  • Sensibilizzazione degli stakeholders del Settore
  • Representation of the Sector to fair/exhibition organizers, associations and social actors
  • Continuous updating of Associates on all developments in the Sector, particularly on technological and market trends


Claudio Nicolò - Deputy Managing Director EAE Italia
Vice President:
Claudio Nicolò
Job Title:
Deputy Managing Director
EAE Italia
Stefano Mozzato, Colocation & Hyperscale Strategic Segment Director, Southern Region
Stefano Mozzato
Job Title:
Colocation & Hyperscale
Strategic Segment Director
Southern Region
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