Educazione IDA - Italian Datacenter Association


Italy’s datacenter industry is growing fast and the job market is changing rapidly with the digitization of our economy, but trained, qualified professionals with solid skills are needed to keep up.

Educazione - IDA-Italian Datacenter Association

Purpose of the working group:

  • Identify and map the skills associated with Data Center development, branching into real estate, pre-construction, construction, operations, supply chain
  • Map the current tools available to a person who wants to start a career in data centers, to branch, identify gaps, and work with public (universities) or private entities (academies, innovation centers, etc.)
  • Facilitate apprenticeships for recent college and university graduates through collaboration with universities
  • Organize visits and open days at digital infrastructures
  • Sponsor educational events that can explain to the public the positive aspects arising from the proliferation of data centers, improved sustainability of supply chains that benefit from them, access to information, AI/ML, etc.
  • Bring the data center concept to communities by integrating it into the local value chain (social sustainability)


Alfonso Romano - Senior Director of Site Selection EMEA Vantage Data Centers
Alfonso Romano
Job title:
Senior Director of Site Selection
EMEA Vantage Data Centers
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